Doom 1 PC Game!

Note for Multi-links/Parts
PLEASE REMEMBER: Download ALL Parts One by One & than Extract Part 1 Using WinRar.

You must need to read all FAQs to solve common issues!

Our first priority to provite you 100% working setup but if you have encountered some error during downloading and installation, you must need to read these FAQs below to solve common issues!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. You need to disable your antivirus!
If your anti-malware program blocks or otherwise interferes with installation, you may end up with a failed install. disabling or exiting the antivirus software isn't the same thing as uninstalling it completely. All you need to do is temporarily turn it off Your Antivirus during the installation and then re-enable it. We highly recommend you to Use IDM for because IDM will generate max speed.
2. Why i can’t download multiple files at the same time?
All the links uploaded to THEFILESLOCKER (files hosting website) and they don’t allow multiple downloads at the same time for better download speed, reliability, and server maintenance.
3. Why can I not save the game?
It usually not saving because you don’t have administrator privilege, in-order to save game you need to run game as administrator.
4. My game pop-up in a small screen (Windowed), How can I start the game in full-screen or go full-screen?
In order to get Full-screen, you need to press Alt+Enter and press the same to go back to Windowed screen again.
5. My windows don’t support this old game. How to use compatibility mode to run an old game?
You can watch our video on How to run programs or games in compatibility mode.

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